Tent pole fix

Posted by: Michael Meye

Tent pole fix - 07/12/15 07:18 PM

Figured this might be the right place to post thing during my last backpacking trip we ended up being exposed to high winds in the middle of the night up to 60-70 mph wind gust. And I guess one my poles was not seated in the 90 degree bends on top of the rei half dome two plus.
So one of my metal inserts bent about 30 degrees.

I called REI and they referred me to http://tentpoletechnologies.com/
I found the replacement piece and put in on order.

But here is my issue. I've never replaced and insert and I've been unable to track down a good guide on how to do it. The ends of the pole have a tie off attachment point that locks into a grommet they seem to be crimped in and the insert itself seems to be glued in. But I really have no idea if anyone could help me I'd love it.

Posted by: shuddleson

Re: Tent pole fix - 07/14/15 08:31 PM

Have you tried youtube? It's freaky how much 'how to' stuff is on there.