Paracord fishing lure

Posted by: carbeque

Paracord fishing lure - 01/11/15 11:23 PM

Someone made an Instructible on making a fishing lure out of paracord... Interesting thing to tinker with while out in the woods!

Posted by: balzaccom

Re: Paracord fishing lure - 01/12/15 08:03 PM

Ha! The ideal fly is very simple and quick to tie, and catches lots of fish.

This one certainly meets the first set of criteria...wonder if the fish agree on the second?
Posted by: carbeque

Re: Paracord fishing lure - 01/12/15 11:23 PM

Probably not, but I'll try it anyway... I'd love to be able to say I caught a trout on a piece of paracord. ;-)