Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet

Posted by: BZH

Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/02/14 12:05 PM

Some people over at BPL were doing a lot of testing with their MYOG alcohol stove systems trying to develop the optimal setup. To help them out I developed a spreadsheet to calculate stove efficiency. They were pretty grateful, so I went overboard and tried to develop a nice and refined spreadsheet with lots of bells and whistles. I thought some people over here might find it useful if they ever want to mess around with there stove system. I've uploaded it to google drive which you should all be able to access with this link:

Let me know it you have any questions or comments. There are a lot calculations going on in the background so I locked all the cells except for green input cells. The spreadsheet is not password protected so if you want to get your spreadsheet geek on, you can unprotect it and play around with it. I would appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks
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Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/02/14 06:50 PM

I made one quite similar a few years back. Yours is a lot prettier than mine though.
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Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/05/14 01:51 PM

Doncha know, they've moved on to Esbit type fuel now. smile
With the woods so dry, maybe folks will rethink canister stoves again and see what they can do with them. Solid fuel tablets and alcohol may have a short use season, unless used in the winter.
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Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/05/14 04:16 PM

well... my spreadsheet does work with esbit and canister stoves! Though, I'm not sure how much tinkering goes on with those systems.
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Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/05/14 06:22 PM

With the drought, you'll be lucky if they let you use any kind of stove in California this summer! Up here, several national forests forbid anything but UL certified stoves with an on-off valve during the dry season last year.

Our dry season may be pretty bad this year--about 20% of normal snowpack in southern Oregon. Driving over the Cascades (WIllamette Pass) in mid-March, I saw only 2-3 inches at 5,000 feet. It's closer to normal up here in the northern Oregon Cascades, but melting earlier at lower elevations.
Posted by: bobito9

Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 05/07/14 11:22 PM

OM, that's sad to hear. I usually console myself during our CA droughts by imagining that at least it's always green and wet up in Oregon and Washington
Posted by: Jimshaw

Re: Stove Efficiency Spreadsheet - 07/12/14 09:35 PM

Mouse said," Up here, several national forests forbid anything but UL certified stoves with an on-off valve during the dry season last year"

Doesn't that include most compresed gas stoves? Like I think mainly home made stoves would be illegal?