Sleeping Bag Hanger

Posted by: Mike H

Sleeping Bag Hanger - 01/10/14 12:18 PM

Easy!Some Half inch copper tubing, 4 90 degree elbows, 2 caps, and 1 regular threaded hook.

I measured out the width of the inside bottom, and measured the beginning of the zipper to the bottom. I used the measurements and 1 90degree elbow to make the piece the bag sits on.

Then it was just setting up a U joint with 2x 90 elbows, to bring the tubing out and up.

Then one more 90 to bring it over again and found the center of gravity with a test fit. Mark the center, and thread the hook in.

Ill be making another, and will create a more detailed write up. All in all materials were ~$15. As apposed to $20-$30 if I bought one. Although, if you dont have a soldering iron, copper flux, and solder, it'l be easier to buy one.
Posted by: jimmyb

Re: Sleeping Bag Hanger - 01/10/14 01:59 PM

You could also glue one up out of PVC/ABS or similar pipe. Might be a little less $ than copper.

Posted by: Mike H

Re: Sleeping Bag Hanger - 01/10/14 02:12 PM

Indeed, no soldering required. Although, would the U joint hold under the weight of a 4lb + water weight time and time again?