DIY Snow Gaiters

Posted by: finallyME

DIY Snow Gaiters - 01/02/14 12:20 AM

I had some time off on News Years, and decided to sew a pair of gaiters. I needed another set for either myself or my son. I decided to give my son my old set, and sew a new set for me. I used fabric I already had and only purchased the velcro and hooks. I did a video of the steps I took.

Youtube Snow Gaiters
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: DIY Snow Gaiters - 01/02/14 03:12 PM

Thanks for taking the time to make and post the video. Those came out great. I'm going to have to make some of those for myself one of these days!
Posted by: jimmyb

Re: DIY Snow Gaiters - 01/02/14 11:48 PM

+1 awesome

Great video start to finish. Its a big help when starting a new project. I have some material on my sewing table right now for a couple pairs of smaller gaiters for the wife and I. How do you think a Velcro strap wrapping partially around on the top would work instead of a string tie. Maybe sewn to something like 3/4 inch elastic webbing. Just thinking out loud.

I hear you when you say watching the sewing part can be boring but check this guy out. Not so boring when he is sewing the long seams. Man I wish I could sew like that. I bet every seam is straight as an arrow.

thanks again, jimmyb
Posted by: finallyME

Re: DIY Snow Gaiters - 01/03/14 05:45 PM

There is a reason I don't sew that

The velcro on the top should work. I was thinking about that as well. You just have to make sure it is adjustable.
Posted by: rockchucker22

Re: DIY Snow Gaiters - 01/03/14 08:27 PM

Great video I really enjoyed it!