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Foot Balm - 04/16/13 12:15 PM

I was wondering if some of the clever minds here would help me out. I make tinctures, teas, elixirs, and salves, and have been thinking of making some hiker foot balm that would help with maceration, smell, tired muscles-- happy feet mean more miles. Going to find some tiny salve jars so you take just enough.

But I was wondering if y'all had ideas for clever/simple names for this-- something if you saw it on the shelf would understand what it is meant for and maybe make you smile. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Foot Balm - 04/16/13 06:05 PM

I'd check what's on the market (including what's available on the web). If nothing else, so you don't infringe on someone else's creation (could be a nightmare in legal cost). If you come up with something that's more effective than what's on the market, please do let us know!

Hydropel used to be a favorite of many hikers, but it's gone (and mourned) now. I use Body Glide. Skurka favors (and sells) something called Bonnie's Balm. Others use Vaseline or that centuries-old farmers' favorite, Bag Balm. I'm sure there are others!

Good luck!
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I've used a product called JointFlex on my feet. It's designed for joint relief but on occasion I found it worked well for feet also. I believe the active ingredient is camphor.
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Sole-mate! smile
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I've used Bonnie's Balm before, it is very nice, but not specifically for feet. I use a bunch of different ingredients, but same technique as the Bonnie's Balm folks. Local beeswax, herb infused olive oil, and so on. Not planning on selling it on a wide range or anything, most just to friends and friends of friends.
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You might not want to put anything in it that would attract bears and other unwelcome visitors. I keep wondering about my beeswax lip balm (Burt's Bees).
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Originally Posted By OregonMouse
You might not want to put anything in it that would attract bears and other unwelcome visitors. I keep wondering about my beeswax lip balm (Burt's Bees).

This. I still have some Hydropel!
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Just a few off the top of my head: crazy

Twinkie Toes
Peanut Butter and Toe Jam
Wax Up Doc?
Achilles Enemy
Achilles Willy
Pronate Pleasers
Plantar Pleasers
Horrific Hoof
The Humble Hoofer
Paw Wash
Ten-done Today
Fungus Fumes
Flat Feet Flappers

-The Rockies and IL bogs were made for Tevas
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A couple of people have suggested "Sole-mate." I'm thinking if your balm is supposed to be healing/nourishing, "Sole-Food" might be more in line with your purpose.

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Re: Foot Balm - 04/23/13 02:05 PM

I like "Soul-Mate".
I also make a simple balm by melting beeswax in the microwave and adding coconut oil for it's antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobrial properties and some jojoba oil. Neither of the oils go rancid so it lasts a long time and it's also good for lip balm and I feel like the coconut oil keeps me from getting too smelly if I put it on my pits, but maybe not from the same container as the lip balm.. I pour it into an old deodorant container or altoids container or similar depending on what I'm using it for.
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Re: Foot Balm - 06/17/13 02:51 AM

i use friendly salve its for lots of stuff not just feet. its got calendula, chickweed, comfrey, elderflowers, plantain, st. johns wort, yarrow, olive $ grapeseed oils, beeswax and lemongrass. as you can see its all natural and friend of a friend only sells once or twice a year at a market in eastern Washington so i get a few cans but one can lasts a few months for me.