Modified H31 Headlamp

Posted by: rionada

Modified H31 Headlamp - 03/09/13 10:54 PM

I can't remember how to embed an image, but here is a link to it:

Picture - Modifed H31

All I did was create a head band out of 5/8 velcor loop with a short strip of elastic and short piece of velcro hook.

In the front the light is attached to the headband by using the light clip (that comes with the light). I created a short pouch that the clip slides into. It's nice and secure (I had it out last weekend - and it worked great).

The whole thing weighs 1.9 oz - a full oz less than the stock headband set-up.
Posted by: oldranger

Re: Modified H31 Headlamp - 03/10/13 10:49 AM

I did basically the same thing with my Zebra. I don't understand why their headband is so infernally complex....
Posted by: rionada

Re: Modified H31 Headlamp - 03/10/13 11:03 PM

Luckily the fix is quick and easy. But - you'd think they'd figure it out and sell the 1.9 oz version instead of the 2.9 - seems like they'd sell a lot more.