Is Spectra slippier than my HD line?

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Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/26/13 08:51 AM

I bought this orange plastic line from HD for rigging, but it's so slippery it won't hold a knot. I thought maybe I'd check the fishing section at my local department store and see what they've got, and I've seen that Spectra is popular with campers, but would it be any less slippery?
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Re: Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/26/13 11:50 AM

I haven't used that string but maybe line locks.
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Re: Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/26/13 04:44 PM

Having tripped over tent guylines in the dark any number of times, I insist on reflective guy lines:

--Kelty Triptease
--Gossamer Gear EZC2
--Lawson Equipment Reflective Glowire

The last is by far the least expensive because it's currently on sale and (with another 5 cent purchase) has free shipping. I have not, however personally used it as I have the other two. The two I've used (and I can't see from the specs that the Lawson Glowire is any different) hold a taut line hitch extremely well.

I especially appreciated the reflective guy lines one cold early October evening (temp about 20*F, windy, and pitch dark with no moon) when I had to wander quite a bit around an oxbow-shaped stream to find a place where I could actually get to the edge of the stream to get water. I got a bit disoriented on the way back and found my tent only because the reflective guy lines clearly reflected the light from my headlamp from several hundred feet across the meadow!
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Re: Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/26/13 05:54 PM

The Spectra that I've used is quite slippery. What are you trying to do with yours? Some lashings or hitches work beter than knots. I have some (80 lb test) Dacron fishing line that I plan to use for tarp lines which is REALLY slippery. Someone on another forum suggested a slipped bunt hitch. That looks like it will work for my application. Bowlines work for loops to attach to stakes. I added reflective tape "flags" to my ti shepherd hook stakes. I'm hoping that they will both help me keep from losing them and help make it easier to identify where my tarp tie outs are. No one likes to trip over them.

As to finding my site in the dark, it can be tough on really dark nights. I have found my hammock when my flashlight happened to reflect from my space blanket slung underneath or picked up my white handkerchief on the suspension lines pressed into service as a clothesline. When I remember, I clip a Photon-type light where I can see it. That helps...

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Re: Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/27/13 10:02 PM

Well, I'm new to pitching tarps and rigging, so it's pretty much all a "knot" to me. I did get some more line, 65lb test fishing line. It was really inexpensive, and it's still slippery, but not as bad. I think it'll be fine for guy lines and tying off stakes, but I tried using it for a ridgeline, just practicing with my heavy department store tarp, and it kinda worked, but stretched a lot. I'm going to make a tarp with a built-in ridgeline so it won't be an issue. I'll look up the suggested hitches/knots/whatever and try them out.

EDIT: What I mean is a reinforced ridgeline with tie-outs at the edges.
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Re: Is Spectra slippier than my HD line? - 01/29/13 10:31 AM

Here is what I use.

The OD green camo line is the Atwood stuff. It is a combo of PP and Polyester. It holds knots excellently. Since I took this picture, I have bought another roll of the stuff, but in bright yellow. They make many colors. I don't recommend cammo for tent guy lines.