Spices for the kitchen kit

Posted by: swammie

Spices for the kitchen kit - 03/20/12 08:36 PM

I used drinking straws to repackage cooking spices. Not my idea, but now it'll be part of my kit. Just think of how heavy "small" spice containers would be compared to these. All 7 of these only came to 4 grams total weight.

My initial labeling is wearing off, need to find a better marker.

I'll wrap a couple of small rubber bands around a few to "reseal" after initial use...like salt and pepper.

What I packaged was: salt, pepper, A-1, steak seasoning, L&P, tabasco and olive oil.

I'll take a couple of extra mongo-sized straws from A&W on my next visit to package greater amounts of some spices.

Posted by: Cole Pendell

Re: Spices for the kitchen kit - 03/20/12 08:45 PM

Neat idea isn't it???
I did a few things differently.
First off I used regular clear straws so I have not worries about labeling. I can just see what I want.
Also. I do the fold and cover method on one end, and a heat seal on the other. (like you)
This link covers the http://www.instructables.com/id/Ultra-Li...le-the-Packets/
method to do this.

Best of luck
Posted by: swammie

Re: Spices for the kitchen kit - 03/20/12 09:03 PM

Fancy fancy! I like the fold and cap method. And I think I'll put my fancy computer connected label maker to good use for really easy to read labels.

Add these to all the other packets I "save" from other sources and it should boost trail tastiness!
Posted by: Cole Pendell

Re: Spices for the kitchen kit - 03/20/12 10:50 PM

Good idea.
I will add I have not had a problem with liquid coming out of these yet. And I even keep first aid creams and ointments in them!

Just remember,
"Hunger is the best seasoning"