spice kits

Posted by: Dave9091

spice kits - 02/22/12 02:49 PM

hey so I am interested to know about how i could make my own spice kit- different types and what works best. i am just sick of bland trail food, thanks for reading
Posted by: Kent W

Re: spice kits - 02/22/12 03:15 PM

Take what ya like best. I like Garlic powder smoked paprika{I make my own} and a little Cummin. To simplify I mix a blend or two that I enjoy at home. I the package in mini ziplock bags from craft store. salt and pepper goood to go. When prepackaging meals that I dehydrate i put the spices I Want in each meal portion..
Happy Trails.
Posted by: Dave9091

Re: spice kits - 02/22/12 03:35 PM

thank you for your help!
Posted by: frenchie

Re: spice kits - 02/23/12 03:46 AM

For me, it's mini-ziplocs, stuff like salt/pepper mix, ground garlic, shallot...and when I travel and camp, adding some Provence herbs, which left many customs people perplexed and confused ("no, mister officer, no weed, I swear smile!")
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Re: spice kits - 02/23/12 09:30 AM

hahaha awesome thanks for the second opinion
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Re: spice kits - 02/23/12 02:56 PM

I love herbes de Provence, too! In fact, that's about all I take. The tiny ziplock bags found at craft stores (generally close to the beads) work great. Herbes de Provence is a mixture of (generally) rosemary, thyme, marjoram, savory, lavender.

Since I use my own pre-prepared meals, I mix the herbs and spices in the freezer bag with each meal. The only item I might be cooking from scratch is fish (should I catch any).
Posted by: JAK

Re: spice kits - 02/24/12 08:35 AM

I've really taken to herbs and spices in the last year, at home and on the trail. I add my spices to my chai style tea, and to my oatmeal based breakfast and lentil based soup. To my soup I also add paprika and herbs. Herbs can be an important source of vitamins and minerals, and actually carry their weight in protien. I lump paprika in with my herbs because it is essentially just dried fruit, sweet pepper, and like some herbs you can have it on more quantity than spices.

I haven't worked out my way of packing it all yet. The spices I like to keep separate so I can custom spice, but the herbs I am more inclined to premix in with my dried soup mix. I might make a thin leather pouch for my spices, with little baggies or mini tubs of spices inside. Not sure yet. I like whole spices so they keep longer and I can pick out individual spices, and its nice to see them in their native form. Herbs I pack only enough to use up on the trip, up to 1 ounce per day in total. Spices I don't mind having some left for next trip.

Black Pepper

Herbs Provencal or Italian Mix
Herb of the Week ( Rosemary, Thyme, whatever )
Dried Vegetable Mix
Dried Onion Mix
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Re: spice kits - 02/26/12 02:29 AM

I enjoy visiting my local Taco Bell. They have extra big diameter straws for their ice drinks. I melt crimp one end of the straw then fill with spice then crimp the other end. I take a sharpie marker and write name of spice on the straw.These store easily in my kitchen kit. As I use the spice I just recrimp the straw.
Posted by: balzaccom

Re: spice kits - 02/26/12 08:58 PM

We use little plastic tubes the same way. But even though my wife is a professional chef, we don't take a big selection of spices. WE do dehydrate our own food a lot, so maybe we feel that it is already seasoned. But even when we take "store-bought" dinners, we just take salt, pepper, some chili oil, lemon juice, soy sauce. All of these come in individual packets at the deli.

And we probably use the salt and lemon juice the most.