Skyshark 400s?

Posted by: DJ2

Skyshark 400s? - 11/27/11 03:23 PM

The carbon fiber tubing shown at the link below appears to be the older, now discontinued Skyshark P400s.Can't be sure but another website suggested they were and the specs match up.

$2 is agreat price.

Posted by: Steadman

Re: Skyshark 400s? - 11/28/11 12:09 PM

Thank you - I had found these on Saturday, and wrote the owners about the project. Will order today... have you ordered from these folks??
Posted by: DJ2

Re: Skyshark 400s? - 11/28/11 01:48 PM


Yes, I've ordered from these people before and was pleased with the service and product.

I used the Skyshark .385s ($2.50 each) for a tent pole recently. They are stiffer than the Skyshark 400s.