Marking on NoSeeUm mesh

Posted by: james__12345

Marking on NoSeeUm mesh - 05/18/11 11:48 PM

I am working my my quest bilgy tent, and I am having a hard time with something. I have to mark some match lines on the mesh, and I can't get a mark to show up. So far i have tried black, silver, and blue sharpie. I have heard chalk works, but I dont have any on hand to try just yet. Does anyone have any idea what will mark good on this stuff?
Posted by: frenchie

Re: Marking on NoSeeUm mesh - 05/19/11 02:55 AM

I use ordinary chalk, or sewing chalk/pencil.Yellow or white coloring pencil works too, if you can press hard enough on the fabric, but you can't erase it.
Posted by: james__12345

Re: Marking on NoSeeUm mesh - 05/20/11 11:32 AM

I got the chalk, and it marks on the mesh great. Thanks for the help.