1 oz Candle Light Holder

Posted by: Franco

1 oz Candle Light Holder - 04/01/11 08:39 PM

The idea of a water cooled candle burner was posted by Scott Ashdown at BackpackingLight.

This is a stand alone version (not multi use like his) but at 30g it is light and I feel pretty safe .
Did several burns with this and a previous version, works well.
I will make another one slightly shorter using a clear insert , now that I found a plastic bottle of that size. (it is a vitaminised fruit drink bottle)
The grommets are somewhat over sized but again they feel safe. Do use metal wire because nylon and the like can melt.
It can be very hot up to about 15cm over the flame so have the wire longer than that.
You could also make a reflector to get some extra light but it will not be a reading light for me , just some ambient light and to dry condensation a bit.
Here is the video clip :
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Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/01/11 08:50 PM

Very cool!
Posted by: frediver

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/07/11 05:05 AM

You can make a nice "tea" light lamp by using a 1/2 size (short) soda pop can, use the pull top as a hanger.
Empty/drink the soda.
Cut a 2x2 or 2.5x2.5in. window in the middle of the side (?).
Drink a 20oz. Pepsi then cut out the entire middle section of
plastic, this will be your window. Split the ring of plastic so it will slip around the short soda can.
Punch a few small draft holes below the window level.
Put a bit of sand in the bottom of the can then put your tea light in the sand, light it, snap on the plastic window.
It has a built in reflector and is wind proof.
Posted by: Franco

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/07/11 06:53 PM

Sounds good in theory but I bet that the plastic will melt...
That is the reason for the water cooling.
Also keep in mind the safety aspect in use (can't see the can pull out lasting long and the crash factor during transport.
But build your version and test it out.
Posted by: hikemikehike

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/08/11 07:20 PM

is this just for lighting purposes?
Posted by: Franco

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/08/11 10:36 PM

As a light it would work better with two clear 'bottles" and if you put a reflector on top.
As it is it would be for a bit of light (I cannot read by candle light only...) but mostly for some atmosphere , that warm fuzzy feeling you get from a live flame. If you don't, just ignore this bit..
Some use it to dry the air a bit. It is rather surprising how hot the flame is up to about 8" or so above...
Just under 2 oz with a 9 hour candle.

As a weight comparison , the very popular Mini UCO lantern is 3.2oz with candle.
Posted by: bmadau

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/13/11 04:30 PM

I've made a few of these in the past - http://zenstoves.net/CandleLantern.htm#BuildLantern

Never taken one camping though- they are a bit on the fragile side. The trick to keeping the plastic from melting is to make many large ventilation holes around the bottom and top. The convection will draw enough cool air through the can to keep the plastic bottle cool. I melted several before figuring that out.

It's a fun little project.

Posted by: frediver

Re: 1 oz Candle Ligh Holder - 04/13/11 04:47 PM

There's looks prettier than mine. I also put the plastic on the outside of the 1/2 size soda can. So far I've had not melting problems.
The size of the window determines how fragile the body will be.