Making a hammock - need straps

Posted by: Steadman

Making a hammock - need straps - 03/23/11 09:31 PM

I'm making a hammock following one of Phat's suggestions. The cheap test went well enough to proceed to a final model, but I'm having an issue with the straps. The cheap nylon straps we got from the sewing store stretch quite a bit, landing me on the ground when I tie off at just above waist hight - I have to tie off at chest hight to stay off the ground.

Does anyone know if strapping used for climbing like:

or this:

also stretches?

I could buy poly webbing from Speer, but that's 80cents/foot, and then I might as well buy finished straps at that cost.
Posted by: lori

Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/23/11 10:25 PM

Yes, it does. It's nylon too. All nylon stretches too much for hammock suspension use even though that's what ENO will give you.

Go to or and get yourself some polyester tree straps. It'll stretch a little and stop stretching.
Posted by: Kent W

Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/23/11 10:42 PM

My son has a eno without straps. He uses 550 paracord period! He is very happy and seems to not experience excessive stretch. he tied loops in para cord straps every 6 inces. His eno hooks via threaded carbiners to what ever loop is needed via tree distance!
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Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/23/11 11:17 PM

I am reminded of the time a friend used plastic and paracord to make himself a tent between trees. He was using it as a ground cloth by morning - the wind would kick up and the paracord would stretch, plastic flapped, woke him up, he'd tighten the cord again... repeat. repeat.

It all depends...
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Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/23/11 11:36 PM

Ya got seveal possibilities here.

very light.

OTOH, if you wanna keep the budget reasonable, all straps will stretch, but poly will stretch less than nylon - you can get poly at a sewing or outdoor store. I get mine at "campers village" here which sells tent bits too.

the other thing that will make a difference is how you tie the hammock up to a tree. if you use the right cinch it's pretty easy to get it nice and tight.

All stuff stretches some, the first couple of times you use it you may need to put it up, sit in it, then retension. after that you'll be fine.

Do you have Ed Speer's book (which shows how to do this well with a strap hammock?)

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Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/24/11 12:09 AM

I bought mine from Strapworks . I recommend the polyester.
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Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/24/11 08:35 PM

Thank you - that helps.

I don't have Ed Speer's book, but their company is somewhat nearby - I may go have to go take a look-see.
Posted by: phat

Re: Making a hammock - need straps - 03/24/11 09:28 PM

Here's how I hang when I'm just using straps:

Figures risk would have good pictures of it.

Whoopies are a bit different but if you're gonna do sewn straps thats the way to go.