Food storage

Posted by: marcinont

Food storage - 08/02/10 04:20 PM

I am new to lite backing but have been interior camping for 25 years .I'm not use to having to live on freeze dried food. I'm thinking of using a rectangler tupperware container to pack my food, I feel it is a organized way to contain all my freezedried packages plus other goods that is water proof and will easily pack in my pack.Also easy to put in a dry sack and hang.Any coments on this or better ideas.The bear vault seams bulky.My container is 8.5" x 13"x 3".
Posted by: thecook

Re: Food storage - 08/02/10 04:54 PM

If it helps you pack, go for it. Personally, a big container like that would be hard for me to fit in my pack, and would add weight I really don't want or need. It is not in any sense bear or animal resistant, just an organizational tool.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Food storage - 08/02/10 05:41 PM

A tupperware container is neither bear nor rodent proof (I've had mice gnaw through them). It is not really odor proof, either, It will definitely not be legal if you are backpacking where a bear canister is required. It will also be more difficult to pack a rigid container in your pack than a flexible one, as I found out recently when I did have to use the bear canister.

I personally use an Ursack with an OP sack liner except for the rare occasions in which I'm in bear-canister-required territory. That's partly because the Ursack (if properly fastened) will also keep out birds and rodents, and partly because I can't throw (arthritis) so can't do a bear hang. It's also far easier to pack something flexible, rather than rigid, inside my pack. The same would be true of your dry bag without the tupperware!
Posted by: Spock

Re: Food storage - 08/02/10 05:41 PM

Seems bulky and not really necessary. If organization is your goal, you might consider 1 1/2 gallon ziploc bags. Each will hold several meals, you can see through them, you can have separate bags for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Less weight, less bulk, easier packing. If protection is the goal, any woodland creature worth its salt will go through a tupperware container like a ...uh...hungry woodland creature. The only solution is either a bear can or hanging the food. Unless you are in griz country, hanging is perfectly adequate.
Posted by: Heather-ak

Re: Food storage - 08/03/10 04:16 PM

The Ursack seems awesome - too bad Denali won't allow them =(

We use stuff sacks for organizing our food - green for Brad (husband) and black for me.