Plastic Frame

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Plastic Frame - 07/10/10 06:13 AM

Any idea where I can get a plastic pack frame or plastic sheet suitable for constructing my own frame?
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Looking at their site the link is for a source of Plastic sheet to build a frame with, not a pre-made frame or did I miss something?
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Re: Plastic Frame - 07/12/10 05:40 PM

No you read it right. It is a supplier of a bunch of stuff, and I linked to plastic sheets. You would have to cut it to whatever shape you want. It is not a pre-made pack frame. Sorry, that is what I thought you were looking for. If you want a pre-made plastic pack frame, you either call the manufacturer of one, or buy one and take the pack bag off. I could be wrong, but I am not aware of a place to just buy a plastic pack frame.
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Re: Plastic Frame - 07/13/10 01:49 AM

Couldn't you use something like fluted PP board ?
Light, cheap, easy to cut/saw into shape.
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Re: Plastic Frame - 08/15/10 11:37 AM

I've used the fluted material before. Great rigidity in one plane but not the other. My solution was 01 aluminum stay running vertical in parallel to flutes. Make sense?
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Originally Posted By Roocketman

Directed at me? Look at the material, google the image if you have to. I took a 3/4" wide aluminum flat stock and afixed it to the plastic going perpendicular to the 'lines' in the plastic. Gave the rigidity needed.