Silnylon stuff sack

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Silnylon stuff sack - 05/12/10 10:41 PM

I've never tried making any of my own gear before, but it sounds fun, and a lot cheaper so I would like to give it a try. I've decided to start by trying to make a few stuff sacks, because they seem pretty easy to make and the ones I do have are pretty worn out at this point.

I'm not sure what the best way to go about making a stuff sack would be, either to sow on a round bottom or just sew the fabric together at the bottom so the sack tappers to nothing at the bottom, any suggestions?
Also does anyone have any advice or tricks to working with this material? What type of sealant would work best?

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Re: Silnylon stuff sack - 05/13/10 12:49 AM

Go to and there is a great article there on making stuff sacks. That's how I learned. You end up having a square bottom.....on the stuff sack. smile

I make my own seam sealer with silicone caulk and white gas.

Sewing silnylon takes some practice. You can either try pinning it and taking them out as you go or do a rolled seam and keep the tension on the fabric and kinda guide it through the foot. I pin the first part and do the rest free hand when making tarps. When making clothing, I pin everything.

Having used a bandsaw and learning to cut all different kinds of wood freehand really helped with sewing.

And oh, by the way, a sewing machine is just an indoor power tool!
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Re: Silnylon stuff sack - 05/13/10 03:18 AM

Stuff sacks are ideal to learn the basics of silnylon handling, and they have plenty of other uses than backpacking.
Stick glue can be used instead of pinning (some people use staples too...)if you apply the glue just before sewing, and not on the "path" of the needle (machine innards don't like glue!).
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Re: Silnylon stuff sack - 05/13/10 07:48 AM

Interesting comment. I always thought woodworking and sewing were rather similar activities....
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Re: Silnylon stuff sack - 05/13/10 09:09 AM

If you use staples instead of oins like me, turn stapler bottom plate so staple turn out not in. Bye doing this they pull straight out just like a pin would. You will also need to set the presser foot tension on machine very light for silnylon or it will distort the seam. At least thats how it is on my 1927 Singer 99. Perhaps new machines are diferent? Just dont start making skirts , and we wont make fun of you!
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Re: Silnylon stuff sack - 05/13/10 01:16 PM

Originally Posted By Tango61

And oh, by the way, a sewing machine is just an indoor power tool!

Just call it a thread injector. grin