Homemade Quilt

Posted by: finallyME

Homemade Quilt - 04/12/10 01:53 PM

I finally got around to making a quilt. Sorry, the pictures aren't all that descriptive, but at least you can't see the terrible sewing job on the seams. It works though, although I haven't tested it yet. I bought the fabric at Wally World for $1.50 a yrd. I weighed the fabric at work, and it came out to 1.1 oz per sq yrd. Now I am glad I bough the whole bolt for future projects . I bought the XP from Thruhiker. I used a layer of the 5 oz and a layer of the 2.5 oz in hopes of a 20F temp rating. I pretty much copied a quilt that a member of hammockforums shows on his blog (sclittlefield) with the exception of the taper. The quilt is 72 inches long (I am 5'11' so it is long enough) 60 inches wide at the head end, and around 45 inches at the foot. Instead of tapering both side of the foot end, I just cut out the piece for the foot box on one side, and then cut a diagonal line on that same side. So I guess you can call it an assym quilt . I weighed it at work and it came out to 1017.5 grams or about 2.25 lbs with no stuff sack. I still need to sew the stuff sack.

As you can tell, I had a lot of help taking pictures.

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Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/14/10 01:09 AM

Great job, finallyME! Everyone seems to be enjoying the quilt smile
Posted by: finallyME

Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/14/10 09:14 AM

Yeah, once the camera came out, they all went crazy.
Posted by: thecook

Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/15/10 10:05 PM

Nice job! I bet you have no problem getting down to 20F with that. I made one with just one layer of 5oz and I've had it comfortably down to around 35F.
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Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/22/10 05:58 PM

Great job, not only does it look like it has a ton of room, but its light too.
Posted by: lori

Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/22/10 06:31 PM

Nice job. Looks a lot more polished and put together than my shambles of a Ray Way quilt. crazy I like your foot box - more boxy than my foot... well... it's sort of long and narrow, more like a foot tube...

Posted by: finallyME

Re: Homemade Quilt - 04/23/10 10:22 AM

The foot box didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, but....eh...it will work.
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Re: Homemade Quilt - 05/03/10 09:16 AM

I finally got around to testing it. Luckily we had a freak winter storm roll through the weekend. When I woke up in the morning, I had frozen water in my aluminum cup. So, that tells you what the low was at least (no thermometer). Anyways, it was very warm. Warmer than I expected. awesome
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Re: Homemade Quilt - 05/03/10 04:46 PM

looks real good to me.
anything you make yourself is better than what you can buy.