overstuffing my foot box.

Posted by: Cesar

overstuffing my foot box. - 11/11/09 06:28 PM

my current sleeping bag has some cold spots in the foot box Id like to fix. I ordered 4oz of 750fill down to overstuff or should I say properly stuff, my footbox. I may have ordered to much, I didnt realize how much 4oz's of down would be.

Well I have a seam ripper and plan to rip the seams of the foot box and the next two baffles to add more down. I also plan to do this on the inside of the sleeping bag since I'll have to hand sew it back and it obviously will not look as nice. Anyhow I don't know much about sewing and was wondering if I should do a particular stitch to strengthen the area to keep the fabric from ripping or just ripping open again. I was just going to do a simple loop stitch around the ends of the fabric that I seam ripped.

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Re: overstuffing my foot box. - 11/16/09 04:09 PM


You will want to use a backstitch on the seam. This website has an illustration of the different seams.


Or this site for a couple of different Seam Stitches

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Re: overstuffing my foot box. - 11/19/09 10:46 AM

Thanks Ill practice before I rip the bag open. I'm hoping I have the time to get this done by thanksgiving weekend.

thanks again
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Re: overstuffing my foot box. - 01/14/10 01:50 AM

So finally got around to over stuffing the foot baffle and the last two regular baffles. The foot baffle was probably the hardest since I ripped the seam that both baffles are connected to so was more to sew to get it shut. Hope I sewed every shut correctly. It doesn't look pretty but its on the inside so not a big deal.