Tarp pattern

Posted by: bbcg59

Tarp pattern - 10/29/09 11:02 PM

looking for a good trap pattern and instructions, have seen but can not seem to relocate now.
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Re: Tarp pattern - 10/30/09 12:35 AM

Jump over to HammockForums.net. There are several articles on making cat cut tarps and I think Ed Speers has an article on his website for making a rectangle shaped one.
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Re: Tarp pattern - 10/30/09 10:36 AM

Yes Ed Speers does have some very detailed instructions on how to make a cat cut tarp. He also has some other ideas about how to make some other tarps too. I looked at it yesterday and it's a really great site to get information from...sabre11004 goodjob
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Re: Tarp pattern - 10/30/09 03:16 PM

A rectangular shape works really good for a tarp. You can buy one of the shelf, or sew one out of special material.I think a tarp and an inside woodstove is the ideal 4 season outfit.

Have a look here.

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Re: Tarp pattern - 11/02/09 03:21 PM

Thanks for all for the leads. Lots of information in those places. I am looking to make a vestibule for a bivy/tent cross (Northstar Bivy) I picked up from Cabela's in the early 90s. It is lightweight and I have 3 of them, if I can rig up a vestibule for wet weather hunkering, it will work great for my desired re-entry into backpacking soon.