making a "teardrop" backpack?

Posted by: chouinardragon

making a "teardrop" backpack? - 08/24/09 09:01 AM

Hi guys,

What kind of sewing machines are needed to make a "teardrop" backpack with leather bottom and patches?
As I know,
1. Singer 111W single needle walking foot,but don't know which type is perfect for the stitch.

2. Singer 68 class tacking machine which can do a box with X on it.
But how big the box should be?

Is cylinder sewing machine needed? Is any other machines needed?

What is the making process?

Lot of questions of making a backpack. Anyone knows about it?

Posted by: robi

Re: making a "teardrop" backpack? - 01/02/10 05:47 AM

I was just wondering if youever got to making this?

Any pictures?