mini "busbuddy"

Posted by: frenchie

mini "busbuddy" - 06/29/09 03:10 AM

Here is my mini busbuddy-type stove, fully functional and very hot (top speed = blueish flame at secondary holes...)

2,8 oz.

Small instant coffee can, and steel beverage can as a furnace (Aluminium can melted at first full heat trial mad ).

I didn't test it in the field yet, but I suspect it's quite delicate to use, needs very little wood and constant adjustment and control...

The hole are a bit big, and air intake too powerful.

But it was fun to make grin , and miniaturization works.

Posted by: smokehouse bob

Re: mini "busbuddy" - 09/11/09 07:51 AM

I like it! You did good.
Posted by: frenchie

Re: mini "busbuddy" - 09/11/09 11:18 AM

I post a link to the french UL backpacking site where some simple and light wood stove projects are "boiling" grin .
Posted by: jasonklass

Re: mini "busbuddy" - 09/11/09 12:10 PM

Awesome design Frenchie! What kind of boil time do you get with it?
Posted by: frenchie

Re: mini "busbuddy" - 09/11/09 12:42 PM

Don't know...Actually, I use another version of (nearly) the same dsign, and never for boiling more than 1/2l of water, with plenty of time on my hands so no hurry (and no watch!)...Mostly, I do not even need boiling water, just "hot". I will probably test it later, when it's colder, and time for "real" food.
Drawbacks with tiny wood stove is you have to feed it often, not too much, not too fast. Also, ashes will clog the intake holes if burning time is too long (there is no receptacle, they fall through the grate into the bottom), though I kept it going for 30 or 40 mn without a hitch. A lot depends on the kind of fuel.
I found small pine cones the best fuel, one or two at a time!
Posted by: Jandroos

Re: mini "busbuddy" - 09/13/09 12:31 AM

nice design.