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Score! - 06/27/09 03:10 PM

I went to Mill End Fabric yesterday and got 10 and 2/3 yards of 1.1 oz ripstop for on $21! Thats enough for a double layer hammock and a quilt. Can't wait to start sewing again.
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Re: Score! - 06/27/09 08:44 PM

I whipped out a hammock today using Risk's instructions for the z-hammock. Nice to have a MYOG hammock to try out things on. So far, I love the longer lenth and the double layer for keeping a pad in place. I've tried two different ways of gathering the ends before whipping and am not sure whether I like the W fold or the roll method better. Next task is to get material for a bug net. The state bird is out and hungry here in MN.
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Re: Score! - 06/28/09 08:14 AM

cool! we want pics ! wink
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Re: Score! - 06/28/09 02:41 PM

As soon as my wife get's back from her trip with the digital camera I post some.
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Re: Score! - 07/03/09 11:31 PM

Since I don't have two trees in the yard, I get to use the garage as a test bed. The hammock in the foreground is the one I just made. The next one is a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter, and the third is an old netting hammock.

In this photo you can see that the hammock is double layered so I can slip a pad in between and have it stay in place.