Hammock fabric length?

Posted by: thecook

Hammock fabric length? - 02/19/09 08:52 PM

I have seen a wide range of suggested fabric lengths for a hammock. Everything from 3 yards to 4 plus yards. Assuming a wipped end rather than the spear tie, does anybody have a suggestion as to which length to choose and why?
Posted by: lori

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/19/09 10:34 PM

the longer the hammock, the easier it is to lie on the diagonal so you're flat in the hammock. I would get a nice long piece, whip it and leave the extra fabric dangling, test, lengthen, re-whip... and once you know what length is comfy for you, whip and cut off the excess. I think it depends on how tall you are where your comfort level is.
Posted by: jpanderson80

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/20/09 10:06 AM

I've been reading up on this and have found that the longer is better... but I'm 5'5", so... I don't need a 10 ft hammock. I've read that height + 10"-16" for whipping + 24" (one foot extra on each end)= should be plenty. Lori's suggestion is good too, since you will be able to customize it for your body a little easier. Personally, there's no way I'm going to start with 4 yards of fabric. I just don't need that long of a hammock.
Posted by: Heber

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/20/09 04:59 PM

I'm 5'5" and I like find that 10 feet is great. I think I got 3.5 yards and whipped the ends. But then again I like a really flat lay to a hammock. My hennessy is shorter than 10 feet (measured around the bottom, not the ridgeline length) and is less comfortable. If you are comfortable with more of a curved shape while you sleep then feel free to go shorter.

Also I prefer using wide material (60") rather than narrow (48"). That also contributes to your ability to lay flat. But other people feel differently.
Posted by: jpanderson80

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/20/09 05:20 PM

That's good insight!
Posted by: thecook

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/20/09 08:41 PM

Thanks for all the insights. I'm going to try to 'buy it long and shorten as needed' method.
Posted by: Dryer

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/20/09 09:42 PM

Go with 4 yards. That will give you 2" hem margins at both ends for your rope to go through and enough fabric to allow you to lay diagonally.
Posted by: thecook

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/21/09 10:29 AM

So you are suggesting running the rope through a hemmed end rather than whipping the end or tying and slipping a larks head over it? Why do you like that configuration better?
Posted by: froldt

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/22/09 06:21 AM

I'm 6' and like my 10' hammock. I had a 9' and it just didn't seem quite big enough. I could definitely sleep in a shorter one, but I just don't get as comfortable.

I have to echo the suggestions you've already received to get the longer fabric length and work your way down to the "proper" length. You can use the left-over fabric to make some stuff-sacks or hanging pockets or something similar.
Posted by: Dryer

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/22/09 09:08 AM

I did the knotted end at first. The hemmed ends allowed me to make a neater 'gather' and also to make the edges/sides of the hammock a tad shorter than the middle. This makes it easier to keep my head from slipping over the side. Hem the ends, and once the rope is passed through, sew a 3" seam on each side to force the rope toward the hem stitch on the edges of the hammock. Make sense?
Posted by: thecook

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/22/09 03:15 PM

So the 3" hem is placed in each corner between the tree and the main body of the hammock, making the hammock longer in the middle than the edges?
Posted by: Dryer

Re: Hammock fabric length? - 02/22/09 04:53 PM

That sounds right. You want the sides a couple inches shorter than the middle, running length wise.
Sew/hem your hammock, hang it an get in. You'll notice the sides will allow your head to slip out when you lay diagonally.
Shortening the sides a bit stops this and the hem is the easiest place to do it.