Finished hood on a pullover.

Posted by: JoeF

Finished hood on a pullover. - 01/29/09 01:59 PM

I've posted more info in this project at the thru-hiker page but figured I'd post something here in case anyone has an interest in adding a hood. The starting pattern is a Kinsman thats I've made quite a few changes to at this point. The hood started off from a Green Pepper and Thru-hiker patten that I just mocked a few times. The hardest part in the end was moving the seams from the arms to the waist. I'm really happy with the end product.

Joe F

The thread is here:

Pictures here:
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Re: Finished hood on a pullover. - 01/29/09 05:05 PM

Nice! I made a pullover wind shirt using the Green Pepper Oregon Jacket design. The modifications included converting from a full zip to a 1/3 zip and fitting the hood draw cord to the hood without using the liner in the pattern. I finally just cut a 2" wide strip of fabric that matched the curve of the front of the hood and used that as the drawcord "tunnel". The Oregon Jacket uses a three piece hood design that really works well.