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The Lightweight Backpacker™ offers professional outdoor gear testing and reviewing services to the Outdoor Gear Community.

To view the process that I suggest for completing a successful review cycle, please click on "The Process Ladybug" in the left margin.

To request my address, in order to send me your product, please click on the "E-mail Ladybug" in the left margin.

     Here's the process that I normally suggest:

1.  Contact me via email, and indicate that you have a product to be reviewed. We can exchange mail further, as necessary.

2.  At your request, I'll send you my mailing address.

3.  You send me your product (this must be a complimentary, non-returnable item (in other words, I get to keep it)).

4.  I test the product in real-world, backcountry conditions.

5.  I write a comprehensive, objective evaluation of the product.

6.  I publish the review at The Lightweight Backpacker, in the appropriate place or places. You may suggest within which section(s) of the site you would like it published, but, ultimately, the placement is our decision.

7.  You can publish the review and/or any parts therein, at your own website (or any other, for that matter), as well as publish in full or in part on marketing brochures, etc., so long as the appropriate credits are given to the author (The Lightweight Backpacker, in this case).

If you have a variation of the above process, then feel free to negotiate with me. For example, if you are in development mode, I'll be glad to work with you throughout the process in exchange for a copy of the final product.

Keep in mind, I ask for nothing out of this arrangement except for the gear itself as remuneration, and the opportunity to share new innovations with the readership of The Lightweight Backpacker website.

P.S.   The readers of this site are especially interested in gear solutions that are small, lightweight, and of high quality.

In addition to published gear reviews, click here for other opportunities to advertise and/or sell your lightweight & ultralight products here at The Lightweight Backpacker™.


In the Gear Reviews sections of this website, you will find the largest selection of Lightweight and Ultralight gear reviews available on the Web. Many of the reviews are by The Lightweight Backpacker and many are by other folks. Here are several examples written by The Lightweight Backpacker:


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