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One Person Tents. The Lightweight Gear Shop reviews & sells high-quality one person tents for mountaineering & backpacking. The shoppe sells Garuda one person tents , Moss one person tents , Integral Designs one person bivy sacks , Walrus one person tents , as well as other bivies, tarps, and tents for one person. Lightweight one person tents from Walrus, Garuda, and Integral Designs always rank in the top tier. Garuda lightweight one person tents, Integral Designs one-person bivy sacks and bivies are top-notch and Moss tarps are an excellent shelter and value. Come on in and browse the collection of one person tents, bivies, and tarps and let us know what you think.

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Garuda one person tents, Moss , Walrus , and Integral Designs one person shelter are reviewed and presented with details which make your shopping experience easier. One person tent reviews from other "lightweight" packers are presented with both pros and cons about particular one person tents (as well as other tents, tarps, and bivy sacks for many different manufacturers). This is a good place to do your research before you purchase your next one person tent.
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