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Backpacking Food


Backpacking Food

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Backpacking Food

This page provides a resource for backpacking food and associated camping food accessories for eating well while traveling and camping in the backcountry. Fine backcountry cuisine along with backpacking cookware, stoves and other cooking supplies to keep you happily fed and healthy while in the backcountry.

Quality food for the backcountry! .

The intent of this website is to make available, in one place, a variety of quality backpacking food and accessories. We have teamed with and other vendors, to bring you some of the best backpacking food available today. My personal favorites are the meals from Mary Janes Farm. Their packages are lightweight, the food is organic, fresh and not salty, unlike some others that I've tried. The packaging is a lightweight paper-base product that is easily packed-out subsequent to enjoying the contents. Mary Janes Farm is a serious improvement to the salty, freeze-dried meals in heavy packaging that I used to carry and consume while on the trail.

If you enjoy quality dried fruits and vegetables, try Just Tomatoes, and of course, don't forget the Sale Items

In addition to fine foods and accessories, this page also includes a section on Backpacking Food Books and links to our Backpacking Food Discussion page and Backpacking Recipes site, within which you can also publish your favorite trail food recipes.

We hope that you enjoy the site and invite you to offer any comments, suggestions, recipes, etc. using the feedback form above.


Here are several of our personal favorites:


Mary Janes Farm Organic Backcountry Meals


Natural High

JUST TOMATOES (organic dried fruit & veggies, singles or bulk - awesome!)

Just Tomatoes

BACKPACKER'S PANTRY (excellent, big selection, organic meals available, hot or cold prep)

Backpacker's Pantry



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