I thought it'd be fun to share a few tips and techniques that have really made things easier for me and see what other tricks people have come up with over the years.
  • Ditch the syringe and tube that comes with the Sawyer Mini, along with whatever you carry it in, and use a Smartwater flip-top cap on the top of your clean bottle to back-flush your filter instead. I learned this one from Youtube.
  • Forget about carrying a wind jacket; just use your rain jacket instead. This one I learned from an article or forum too long ago to remember where exactly.
  • If you hike in trail runners, instead of carrying separate camp shoes, just change into your dry socks and cover them with roasting bags before you put your shoes back on to keep the socks dry. I got this tip from a fellow member of this forum (thanks BrianLe!).

What about you? What are your not-so-obvious time, space, weight, and convenience enhancing tricks?

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