OM, I am going the opposite direction as I age. My eyesight is not good, particularly in low light. I loose gray gear! I now am buying colorful gear. Different colored stuff sacks so I know orange means sleeping bag, yellow means clothing, white means personal items and first aid, etc. It helps me set up and take down faster. I bought a pruple titanium spork after having difficulty seeing the gray one. Nothing worse than your dinner needing to be stirred and you cannot find the spoon! Living on the ground, if something is not brigthly colored, I step on it. I am even thinking of going florencent for critical items!

I do not like the Tarptent gray. I have actually bashed into my tent at dusk! Camoflouge would be even worse. A nice true blue would be great, not obnoxious, but very visible.

When I was into mountaineering, you always wanted a bright tent. Finding "home" after a long climb is really important! A bright tent is also easier to spot if you are hurt and need rescue.

I hate the black color of my pack, that otherwise, I love. Black gets really hot; my lunch cheese sticks melt. And I sometimes step on my pack when it is on the ground.

A lot of animals are curious regarding any unusual color, shape or smell in their environment. By the way, since dogs are somewhat color blind, what about bears? Perhaps it was the different color pannels, rather than the colore per se?

When hiking, you WANT the bear to see you from a distance, rather than startle him. That is why the bear bells, or other means of making noise while you hike. I would not want a bear to be walking near my tent, and all of a sudden realize what it is and freak out. Rather have him approach from a distance with curiosity and a bit of caution.