My daughter invited me up to their rental condo at Lake Serene (near Sugarbowl ski area, Donner Summit, north of Tahoe). The elevation is about 6800 feet. Here is their rental. There is a garage in there somewhere. The door was jammed shut, we had to tunnel into the garage.

Other houses have actually fared worse.

The back of their house has melted more. The roof is pretty dry on this side but you can step off the second story deck right onto the snow.

Snow on the roofs of the surrounding houses provided great sledding hills. We snow-shoed around the lake but it is hard enough that we did it a second time without. It is just freezing at night and up to mid-60's days. Donner Lake is still totally frozen.

This winter has been an epic winter for northern California. If you are headed this way for backpacking, you will be in for a lot of snow until much later this year. But if you want to ski in July, this may be the place to be!