question on bear bags

Posted by: toddfw2003

question on bear bags - 07/23/17 09:53 AM

On my backpacking trip in Aug each time I will be camping next to an Alpine lake. Instead of hanging my bag I was wondering if I could submerge it. Was going to use a sea to summit drybag. Add some heavy rocks and sink it 3 or 4 feet in the lakes. I figure they wont be able to smell it if its underwater
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: question on bear bags - 07/23/17 06:29 PM

My eldest son tried that once (fish in a ziplock plastic bag) and the local raccoons had a feast.

I can't hang stuff (being a horrible thrower and having arthritis to boot), so i use an Ursack. The S29 model is legal to use in jurisdictions that state that IGBC (Interregional Brizzly Bear Committee) approved containers must be used.
Posted by: toddfw2003

Re: question on bear bags - 07/23/17 06:37 PM

I can throw a bag. So the ursack you just leave on the ground?
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: question on bear bags - 07/23/17 10:09 PM

You tie it to a tree. No need to hang. The bear can't remove it.
Posted by: Jeffrey

Re: question on bear bags - 08/27/17 10:42 AM

It's a pretty interesting idea though.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: question on bear bags - 08/27/17 12:34 PM

Anecdotally, I've read accounts of folks who successfully used the submersion trick. Just know that typical roll-top bags will seep water with enough depth and time so count on double-bagging the contents.

I've used Ursacks for years with no issues, but have never had a bear test them either. They're not cheap but super convenient compared to rigid canisters and tree-hanging.

Posted by: wandering_daisy

Re: question on bear bags - 09/01/17 07:52 PM

I would hate to submerge my food, only to find out it accidently leaked! Actually submerging a food bag is not that easy- they tend to float. A quality dry-sack will weigh as much as the gear needed to hang food.

I have a good roped hanging system, a Ursack, and several different bear cans. It all depends on where I go. Most of the Sierra either explicitly require a bear can or word the hanging regulations so difficult that you can rarely comply with the law. I mean, counter-balance it 12 feet high? Me? How to I get it down, I am only 5'4" tall. And of course, once above timber, you cannot technically meet those requirements either.