rag socks?

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rag socks? - 07/09/17 03:32 PM

I'm a huge fan of the old standard ragsocks. I've bought a few back in the 70-80s and now I'm reentering backpacking. and my stach of socks are wearing out, and it's getting to the point that I should be looking for replacements. It's starting to look like these are not made anymore. at least not in robustness & cushion quality, that I remember...and certainly not in knee height which I prefer. are these even available on line? or have they gone the way of buggy whips?
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Re: rag socks? - 07/09/17 03:42 PM

A quick Google search indicated that REI and LL Bean still offer ragg wool socks. Looking at the pictures, they appear to be the same as the old ones you and I both remember - the ones that required you to wear thin polypro liner socks or have crazy itchy feet or blisters.

Can't tell from pictures if they meet your "robustness & cushion quality" standards, but I did notice LL Bean has the old knee-high versions.

If you like wool, you might also look at the newer merino wool offerings. I've used them and like them as much as I ever liked ragg wool. However, I currently use synthetic socks, perhaps with 10% or 15% wool blended in. I far prefer them to anything else I've used in the past.
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Re: rag socks? - 07/09/17 06:00 PM

There are these.

And these.

A quick interwebs search will turn up more.
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Re: rag socks? - 07/09/17 07:36 PM

I have been to REI, and they do sell a low cut sock, that looks like circa 1980's r.wool hiking socks. compared to the same hiking sock sold in the 80's, In my humble opinion they have evolved into a much inferior product. Tomorrow I'll make a trip to cabelas, and bass pro- at this point, I believe they are both owned by B.P.. and latter this month I'll be in Pa. and able to check out EMS I must be the "odd duck"...rag wool socks have never bothered me. loved that they were affordable. I have two pairs of Marino wool socks from FjallRaven. I wear one as part of my sleeping gear..at 36$ a pair, kinda spendy for me to wear 'em out hiking.
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Re: rag socks? - 07/09/17 09:38 PM

Campmor continues to sell Wigwam ragg wool socks , the same kind I used to get before I switched to trail runners and merino wool. They also carry ragg wool mittens and gloves.

I'm sure that any store catering to hunters will have the ragg wool. REI doesn't, so it's not surprising they don't have them. Also, you might have to wait until a little closer to fall.
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Re: rag socks? - 07/09/17 10:40 PM

I say "good riddance" to those old rag socks! I now only use Smart Wool, and only need one pair to be very comfortable, reducing both the weight and bulk in my pack. I was always told in the old days that I needed two pair of socks to avoid blisters. I now use one pair, medium thickness, and never have blisters.