Does anyone own Steger Mukluks?

Posted by: GerGa

Does anyone own Steger Mukluks? - 12/14/14 11:09 AM

Hey everyone. I want to get Steger Mukluks, but not sure what size I should be getting. I am interested to hear what other people have to say about their Stegers. My foot is approx a 9 wide or extra wide and I am into minimalistic footwear. That is, for the most part, little or no raised heel and room for the toes to splay. Stegers seem to be the best winter footwear for that.

I have spent a lot of time reading discussions on Stegers, and have seen most people wear 1) two sizes up for super cold weather with extra insoles & sock system. and 2) one size up for less extreme cold. On that token I should maybe get a 10 double wide as I do not encounter extreme cold. But then there are a few people who get them true to size, and claim a size up would be way too sloppy for them!
I want the Camuksxtreme and the Steger website suggests 10XW for extreme cold and 9XW for milder cold.
When I called Steger the girl on the phone said that a 9XW is 11 inch long and 4.5 inches wide. My bare feet are 10.25x4.1 inches, so a maybe a 9XW will fit with thick socks, but length and width are not the only dimensions to fit by.


Edit: By the way I am just a day hiker in Northeast US where it rarely gets too much below zero on the coldest days. I want the Camuksxtreme with the rubber up to the ankle for walking in the woods when too cold & snowy for my leather hiking boot.

Posted by: snapper

Re: Does anyone own Steger Mukluks? - 12/15/14 05:03 PM

Hey there - I've been a Steger Mukluk user for over 15 years now. My foot size seems to be about what you walk on. For my purchase I went with the size 10 double wide mukluks and have been very happy. I mostly day trip with them but have camped out overnight and not been unhappy. The coldest I've used them in has been about -10 F so I would attest to them working well; at least for me. Typically I wear them with heavy wool socks as well as with the insole inside the felt bootie. If nothing else, you should have warm feet and enjoy the lack of weight versus pack boots or other winter footwear.

That's all for now. Take care and good luck with your purchase. Until next time...Be well.


PS - For what it's worth, I use mine all throughout NYS in both the Catskills and Adirondacks as well as around where I live in the central part of the state.
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Re: Does anyone own Steger Mukluks? - 12/01/15 11:21 AM

I'm a size 11 shoe normal width, looking to get some Steger Yukon Jack Mukluks. Do you think I should go with an 11 wide? I'll be using them primarily for winter biking commuting in Minneapolis. January-February temps are often below 0F here during that time.
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Re: Does anyone own Steger Mukluks? - 12/17/15 03:11 PM

I only use my mukluks for winter camping trips so don't know what would work well for winter bike commuting. If I were you, I'd give them a call. I spoke with them last week about on another topic and they were most helpful over the phone. If you don't have their number, here you go:


That's all for now. Best of luck in finding what you need and until next well.