Posted by: Noonie

Pants - 11/09/14 06:47 AM

I would like a pair of insulated pants that I would wear over a base layer. Ideally, the pants would be suitable for hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and outdoor family fun. If I had to compromise it would be in the warmth of the pant, as I really want them to be comfortable for movement, and not too bulky. I can compromise by adding another base layer if needed. For use in temps down to about -15c (southern Ontario).
Posted by: NH2112

Re: Pants - 11/14/14 08:18 PM

I have 2 pairs of Cabela's Dry-Plus pants that I really like. One is insulated, the other isn't. I'd give model numbers but they're both discontinued. Even in temps down to maybe -15F I find the uninsulated ones more comfortable with just a lightweight base layer. I use them for snowshoeing and I'm pretty warm-blooded.

These are pretty close to my insulated ones, though I think mine may have more insulation (Thinsulate Ultra.) Mine also have full-length side zips, built-in gaiters, but no suspenders. I use a pair of heavy duty Carhartt suspenders with them.