Teton Crest Trail

Posted by: Ckurz

Teton Crest Trail - 10/27/13 01:27 PM

Has anyone ever backpacked the teton crest trail. If so want to share some stories, went out there about 3 years ago, loved it but never got to hike it.
Posted by: jimmyb

Re: Teton Crest Trail - 10/31/13 12:13 AM

My avatar is a pic we took of the Tetons. We didn't hike the trail but if I had the opportunity I would GO! smile
Posted by: Ckurz

Re: Teton Crest Trail - 10/31/13 01:50 PM

Most gorgeous place on earth,
Posted by: wandering_daisy

Re: Teton Crest Trail - 11/09/13 08:48 PM

I know there are permit issues. And the time of year makes a difference. Unless experienced on snow, go late season. Probably best to star mid-week to avoid permit problems. I have not been on that exact trail but have climbed in the Tetons. Be prepared for significant lightning storms, and try to get most travel done before mid-afternoon.
Posted by: brownwetdog

Re: Teton Crest Trail - 02/01/15 10:48 AM

I'm a little late in my response, but I did hike it 2 years ago. It was scenic and easy to fit into a short timeframe (excluding time to get there). We had two cars - parked one at Jackson Hole and the other at String Lake trailhead, where we came out. There are shuttles available however. We started at Jackson Hole and rode the tram up. You can buy tram tickets on line for a few dollars cheaper. We hiked in the fall - very few people encountered and gorgeous colors. Of course that is bear country, so we had our bear canisters and bear spray and took all precautions regarding scented things. Highly recommended! Carol