Spicy Food

Posted by: Stevenfolly

Spicy Food - 04/17/08 12:53 PM

Hey all,
This is my first post ever on this forum but I have been reading it for a while. I have really enjoyed all of the people on this site and have got a lot of useful info out of you guys so thanks already! Anyways I love spicy food and I was wondering if any of you guys have a recipe that has a good kick to it? Maybe you put a spin on a regular bp meal, it doesn’t really matter. I would just love to hear some new ideas. Thanks a lot Folly
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Re: Spicy Food - 04/17/08 01:39 PM

I like using Thai curries, red pepper flakes, hot sauce packets...well, anything spicy <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
Posted by: phat

Re: Spicy Food - 04/17/08 02:12 PM

I'll dump lots of stuff from the local Indian spice store into things. That's usually good.

I'm a big fan of making a lazy person's backpacking goulasch by hacking a beef stroganoff
(usually the natural high one - which is even good unhacked) by dropping in handful of dried
roasted bell peppers, and then a good blob of genuine hungarian sweet and one of hot paprika.

I love good curry, but am generally lazy or time pressed enough that I just buy a good prepared one - eventually I 'll have to buy a dehydrator and clone it.
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Re: Spicy Food - 04/17/08 03:52 PM

Usually if it is hot going in, it is hot going out. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> When I am at home, I go for the spicy, but in the woods with limited tp, I try for the plain with more flavor and less spicy. You can always bring a little tabasco, or ground habeneros. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> YMMV
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Re: Spicy Food - 04/17/08 07:36 PM

That sounds really good and hot. I also just thought of using those little tacobell packets for something (light and clean). Folly
Posted by: Haiwee

Re: Spicy Food - 04/18/08 08:46 PM

Dehydrated chipotle peppers. I add them to my chili for an extra kick, I put them in my dehydrated burrito meat, and I use them in my tamale goulash recipe. I also dehydrate the hot La Victoria brand salsas for burritos and tacos. Tortillas carry well for at least the first few days of a trip, so I tend to be heavy on Mexican entrees for the first few days of a long hike.
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Spicy Food - 04/20/08 07:01 AM

Here is a quick and easy one with off the shelf foods.

Pick up a Bumble Bee Tai Chili Tuna kit, some Lipton Cup a Soup Spicy Thai Chicken (creamy) souo, and some sort of pasta-ramen/couscous/instant rice.

Save the crackers for a snack later. Heat the water needed for a serving to a serving and a half of your chosen pasta, mix the soup powder with the very hot to boiling water, add to the selected pasta, allow to rehydrate. Use an insulated bowl/bag/pot. Add the tuna after the pasta is "done." I pick out the chili pepper that is on top of the tuna. You may wish to consume it.

To "beef up" nutrition, one might add a tablespoon or so of dehydrated parsley, maybe some dehydrated cooked veggies that have been "flaked" in a food processor at home.


Posted by: Stevenfolly

Re: Spicy Food - 04/20/08 01:30 PM

Thanks a lot. I am going to try that on my first trip this summer, I can't wait.
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Re: Spicy Food - 04/20/08 09:02 PM

. . . speaking of "a little Tabasco," don't forget the ultralight version of this famous Cajun hot sauce on your trip:

My favorite hot sauce ever was something they served at a little place on the west coast of Barbados, made from some tiny Caribbean peppers that gave jalapenos the term "mild." The label on the bottle said it was called "Slap My -ss and Call Me Sally," which got a good laugh until I tasted it -- definitely not recommended in the backcountry if you're pacing your water intake.
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Re: Spicy Food - 04/21/08 10:38 AM

You can buy powdered wasabi in the asian section of your supermarket. It is guarenteed to clear your sinuses!
Posted by: sarbar

Re: Spicy Food - 04/21/08 03:46 PM

You can buy powdered wasabi in the asian section of your supermarket. It is guarenteed to clear your sinuses!

If you haven't tried this, take a look! The Eden brand is good stuff..and doesn['t contain fake dyes like the other brands do. Eden Wasabi Powder
Posted by: Stevenfolly

Re: Spicy Food - 04/21/08 04:07 PM

Thanks a lot but what would i put that stuff in? I've tryed the bean and liked it but I have no clue what the powder would go good with.
Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Spicy Food - 04/21/08 05:29 PM

You rehydrate it with a little bit of water - make a paste out of it, then use it like you would horseradish. It is a different 'hot' than hot pepper, so you might have to experiment a bit with it.

Posted by: NiytOwl

Re: Spicy Food - 04/21/08 09:44 PM

Wasabi has a "hot" like horseradish, because that's what you're getting in most preparations - horseradish with some added flavor and color. The actual wasabi root is ungodly expensive here in the US. I paid $60/lb for it, about $15 for a small piece that looks like green ginger. It's much more aromatic than the "fake" wasabi and best used in very small doses.

If you just want a shot of the wasabi flavor, see if your store carries wasabi-flavored peas. They go well in GORP, but the intensity of the burn decreases the longer the peas are exposed to air, so add them just before you use the mix.

I personally like spicy food, so when I found a take-out restaurant that had packets of Tabasco and picante sauce, I hoarded a small sandwich bag of them over several months. Alas, the packaging isn't very durable, and I recently threw out most of them, as the contents were eating through the plastic! So now it's back to using little squeeze bottles until I can find another reliable source.
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Re: Spicy Food - 05/29/08 02:08 AM

You love Thai food? That's very spicy.