PotteD M34T

Posted by: drock287

PotteD M34T - 03/04/08 10:02 PM

when backpacking I have to stick with the potted meat, saltines, and vienna sausages. It's something I think is light enough and if my legs are cramping it;s what I eat on the trail I think the sodium helps and a little crystal light mix for the water makes a nice snack
Posted by: kevonionia

Re: PotteD M34T - 03/05/08 09:44 AM

I have to stick with the potted meat

. . . course this is gonna draw (like flies) this from YouTube:


I've always wondered what ole Carl would have to say about going Ultralight, maybe we can put something on here on April 1st. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I have taken that high-tech potted meat on hikes -- spam in the foil pouch -- which, with brown mustard on a Milton's cracker. Pretty good.