Certified kosher backpacking food?

Posted by: SierraSteve

Certified kosher backpacking food? - 01/13/08 01:10 PM

I'll be doing a backpacking trip with several folks who require certified kosher food. Can anyone point me to lightweight freeze-dried food that will do the trick?
Posted by: sarbar

Re: Certified kosher backpacking food? - 01/13/08 04:16 PM

In all honesty, I have never seen any Kosher prepared meals for hikers out there (very limited niche I would hedge).

On the other hand, it needn't be an issue: just figure out what they like to eat and then use books and websites to get meal ideas (heck, this is how on my website I make low sodium recipes for myself: I take what looks good and then change ingredients till it works for my diet.)

One thought as well is also check out natural foods stores for the higher end of organic companies that get Kosher certified.

And truth be told? Being that I have a special needs diet....I would NEVER expect anyone else to plan my meals. I would do it all myself....and I would suggest to the friends that they start planning <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> This way they know it is 100% Kosher.
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Certified kosher backpacking food? - 01/15/08 09:08 AM

Lightweight, but not freeze-dried:

Take a look at the Fantastic Foods line in your nearest grocery store. All of their stuff is vegetarian and, IIRC, marked as Kosher. See if any of the couscous, bulgur, or other "instant" starches are also marked as vegetarian or Kosher, so you can add them as extenders. In the case of the FF soups, they do fairly well when thickened with some couscous, rice, or mashed potatoes, etc., as a meal. In a pinch, add crumbled matzo crackers.

If you are going with vegetarian foods, you won't have an issue with mixing meats and milk products, so you can supplement with cheese, when desired. If the people you are concerned with need Kosher certified dairy products, they will e more expensive, but should be something that you can locae.


Posted by: cfiles

Re: Certified kosher backpacking food? - 01/15/08 09:32 AM

Like sarbar, I make/prepare all of my own meals. Most, if not all, of the stuff that I take is certified organic and most of these items are kosher as well.

So my advice, go to the grocery store and see what you can find. Most grocers that sell organic food will have everything that you need.
Posted by: WildChild

Re: Certified kosher backpacking food? - 01/23/08 02:07 PM

Hi Steve...

I'd recommend dehydrating your own foods in this situation as I am not aware of any available on the market.