Milkman powdered milk

Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 09:01 AM

I recently found this at REI, and based on Colin Fletcher's raves about it, decided to try it (I've tried Carnation, but it doesn't really work that well; it just "curdles" when hot water hits it.) I would intend to use it add to oatmeal, repackaging it at home. I make my own mix, with powdered vanilla, dried fruit, nuts, (cherry pecan, yum!) and sometimes a teaspoon of brown sugar. I have two questions:

1. The only mixing instructions are for making the whole package at once. Clearly, I don't need a quart of milk for half a cup of oatmeal. Does anyone know what the mixing equivalent is for smaller amounts (for example, x tablespoons of powder plus 4 ounces of water makes half a cup of milk)? Or do I just add a couple of tablespoons to my dry ingredients, and add hot water until I reach the desired consistency?

2. Does anyone know what the shelf life of an opened container of powder is? Clearly, I won't need the whole bag for one helping of oatmeal. If I store the rest in a sealed plastic container, how long will it keep? Do I need to refrigerate or freeze it, or is shelf storage adequate?

Yes, I know the little packs of Quaker Instant are easier. But, I like the flavor, variety, and the ability to control the additives when I make my own.

Any help is appreciated.
Posted by: lori

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 09:39 AM

This is why I get Nido instead. Three spoonfuls = 8 oz of milk... Plus Nido is whole milk, not skim.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 10:34 AM

Hadn't heard of Nido before - I'll have to look at some of the larger grocery stores (or is it in limited distribution with specialty chains like Whole Foods or Trader Joe, or only available online?

Sounds like a couple of spoonfuls should do me for oatmeal. Thanks.
Posted by: lori

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 10:40 AM

You can order it from Packit Gourmet if you can't find it locally. I find it in Walmart, Save Mart, and Vons, usually in the "ethnic" aisle. It's popular with the Hispanic population and often the label is in Spanish. Careful not to get the one with the baby on the label. It comes in huge canisters sometimes.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 12:13 PM

If you have any Spanish-language grocery stores nearby, you should be able to find Nido there.

I personally prefer the dried skim milk but that's because I dislike the taste of milk fat and drink skim milk at home anyway. YMMV, as always!
Posted by: DTape

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/03/13 03:51 PM

If you have trouble finding NIDO, check an asian store for KLIM, it is another powdered whole molk (also a nestle product like nido).
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/13/13 10:20 PM

The Milkman worked great in my home-made oatmeal last weekend. It put a nice "finish" on it - just a hint of creamy taste with the instant oats, cherries, pecans, vanilla, and cinnamon. (I might have put half a tablespoon of brown sugar in, too, but I can't remember for sure.) The milk gave it that "creamy" flavor you get with the Instant Peaches and Cream flavors.
Posted by: PDA

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 05/20/13 06:11 PM

1 package=1 quart. weigh the package. 1/4 of pack enough for 8oz water.
DO the same for dehydrated mashed pototoes.

If you don't have a scale, you're not a lightweight camper/hiker.
Posted by: MarcoP

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 03/02/14 10:30 AM

I agree, it goes great with oatmeal and gives it a nice natural creamy taste like real milk. I also love it because it dissolves really easily in water and doesn't form lumps in my coffee. It is really unparalleled in the nonfat instant milk world. I was so sad to see it go when it disappeared from shelves a few years ago but now it seems a new company called Marron Foods has picked up the brand and is manufacturing it again. I know REI carries it but frustratingly, still no supermarkets... I actually contacted Marron Foods off their website and they sent me a whole 12 pouch case of it! Hope to see it sold like this in retail outlets soon...
Posted by: wandering_daisy

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 03/02/14 12:03 PM

Nido also has a whole-milk powder. It is in the Mexican food section of our WalMart. It is designed for toddlers who are off formula but for homes that do not have refrigeration.
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 03/02/14 04:19 PM

I've been using Nido too. I get it Wal-Mart.

Nido is really good when compared to Carnation instant, but I found that you really do need to mix it in warm water. Not hot, and not cold. You can cool it and heat it afterwards, but it'll lump up either way if you don't follow the directions and mix it with warm water.

The last few trips I've done I've made 2 cups of Nido, then mixed in a bag of "Fruit Crisp" with it, warm it up good, then let it set for a bit.

I suppose a lot of you have heard of them, but I hadn't until I saw them on the shelf. Fruit Crisps is a brand of freeze dried fruit that I've also got at Wal-Mart in the Jello/Pudding section. It has raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, pears and cantaloupe in it.

This is really a wonderful and tasty treat, and it makes me feel really good too after I've eaten it, which is just before heading off to bed.
Posted by: PDA

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 03/03/14 07:32 PM

Stop & Shop has an own brand skimmed milk powder. A box contains 10 quart foil packets. I use it with my porridge(oatmeal) so add a quarter of a pack to the freezer bag containing my oatmeal/spice/dried fruit , Also add some together with butter powder to one person portions (50grams) of dehydrated mashed potato. All good for FBC
Posted by: MarcoP

Re: Milkman powdered milk - 06/10/14 05:19 PM

Yes! I find that Milkman dissolves really well, better than other brands such as nido. I also tend to prefer the flavour of milkman as it seems the most 'natural' to me, compared to real milk.

FYI, it now has its own website where you can buy cases of it as opposed to single pouches at REI. Its a nice option if you don't live near REI like me.

It's great to see this classic brand making a comeback.