Alchohol Stove recipes

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Alchohol Stove recipes - 04/12/13 04:39 PM

I just made a super cat alcohol stove from zen stoves website. Like most alchohol stoves it is great at boiling water but not so much simmering. I do not want to carry a "simmer cat" as well so Where can I find some good recipes that just require bringing water to a boil but not simmering? I made an insulated coozy as well out of old foam that helps keep it hot if that helps. I don't have a dehydrator at the moment either, I know its kind of essential. Thanks
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Re: Alchohol Stove recipes - 04/12/13 09:14 PM
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Re: Alchohol Stove recipes - 12/06/14 06:56 PM

Congrats on the stove build! For easy one pot meals right out of the store I have a few go to favourites.

As a base(carbs)
Cous Cous instant filling cheap
Instant mash potatoes
Instant stuffing
Quick cooking rice

For proteins
Hard dry cheese
Dry beans, falafel powder is a good option for those with out a dehydrator.

Small things of oil
Nuts seeds
Peanut butter

For taste
Spices in little zips with salt pepper
Dried fruits
Dry soup mixes

Hope this helps
Happy trails
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Re: Alchohol Stove recipes - 12/11/14 02:04 PM

that was a great list. I don't have much imagination when it comes to food so a simple list like this helps me start a menu.
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Re: Alchohol Stove recipes - 12/11/14 08:11 PM

Lots of recipes here needing only boiling water; many based on grocery store ingredients: Trail Cooking
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I cook real food on my super cat stove. Just gotta be a bit quicker. I've done some fairly complex stuff for backpacking meals and it worked fine. If you have a thin pan it's a but more difficult I guess.