hiking with a dog at higher elevation

Posted by: toddfw2003

hiking with a dog at higher elevation - 03/02/16 12:07 AM

I live in Houston so we are basically at sea level. I am thinking about going up to the Sawtooth Wilderness Idaho. The base of the mountains are around 5000ft and tops at 10,000. I have read that dogs can get altitude sickness too. Has anyone experienced this with their pet who lives in lower elevations
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Re: hiking with a dog at higher elevation - 03/02/16 10:55 AM

We live at sea level and regularly take our dog up to 10000 feet and never had problems. We as humans also have to acclimate, so we spend first night at about 8,000 feet and take it easy the first few days. More serious problems with altitude is the rough, rocky trails that can eat up paws and heat. Be sure to have doggie boots. Our dog has back fur that really absorbs heat. The sun is very intense at high altitude. We make a point of only going on trails that have frequent access to streams and lakes so our dog can swim a bit to cool off. Also, we let our dog drink any water that is available- our dog has never gotten sick from drinking scum water. Most mountain stream water is fine for dogs.
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Re: hiking with a dog at higher elevation - 03/23/16 05:46 PM

Our dog also lives in Houston. We have taken him to Colorado a couple of times and he doesn't seem to have any problems. At the summit of Pike's Peak he seemed perfectly fine walking around while I noted other people having issues. Perhaps just like people, some are more susceptible than others.
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Re: hiking with a dog at higher elevation - 04/15/16 03:17 PM

When the late Hysson started upchucking his food during my 2010 trip to the Wind Rivers, I finally figured out that he was first gulping lots of water really fast and then eating his food too fast, and it was mechanical (too much air swallowed with first water and then food). My-daughter-the-veterinarian suggested that in future I feed him small amounts 3-4 times per day while on trips, and let him drink only a small amount of water at a time, especially in the morning before breakfast. Altitude didn't appear to be a factor, but the dry air (giving him an immense thirst overnight) certainly did!

Assuming that you are taking reasonable steps to acclimatize yourselves, that should work fine with the dog.
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Re: hiking with a dog at higher elevation - 04/23/16 12:10 AM

Dogs can get bloat from eating to fast. Carry a tennis ball and put it in his/her dog bowl when hiking. It will slow down their eating