Hiking with dogs

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Hiking with dogs - 05/11/15 01:18 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and I live in Oklahoma! I am wanting to start hiking around the USA with my three Border Collies and was wondering if anyone could give me ideas on the best places to go! I walk/run them off-leash in the Oklahoma countryside three times a week and they also compete in Flyball, so they are use to working off-leash. They are also trained not to chase after animals that they see. We have just returned from a trip to Montana where we were able to find a lot of places they can go, but I am still looking for even more places. Thanks for ant help or advice you can give!
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 05/11/15 05:50 PM

Dogs are not usually an issue on US National Forest lands, except for a few popular areas near major cities (such as the Enchantment Lakes area in Washington). Bureau of Land Management lands allow dogs. National Parks and most National Monuments, of course, forbid dogs on trails. State lands vary by state (California allows no dogs on state park trails).

However, in many areas dogs are required to be on leash, which is going to be a bit difficult with three of them. There are also hazards in some areas such as crumbly cliffs and rattlesnakes, where dogs should always be leashed for their own safety.

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Re: Hiking with dogs - 06/23/15 11:18 AM

Note that in many national parks dogs are not allowed on trails at all...unless those trails are paved.
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 06/23/15 11:43 AM

While Yosemite allows dogs on the paved trails, other national parks that I've been in don't. At Mt Rainier, for example, dogs are allowed only in parking lots and front country campgrounds (and only on leash, of course).
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/03/17 08:06 PM

It has been my experience that dogs are not allowed on trails in national parks. I'm sure there may be some exceptions, but generally no.
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/06/17 09:29 AM

but if your dog is a service dogs they can go anywhere
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/06/17 03:24 PM

Only if the dog is with the person with the disability requiring the service the dog is trained to perform. Passing a dog off as a "service dog" that isn't is a slap in the face of all disabled people and their genuine service dogs.
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/07/17 12:26 AM

I wasnt implying that. I was saying if you have a service dog you can go into bring your dog into national parks. My dog is a trained service dog. I have a disability. If someone wants to bring a fake service dog into a national park it doesnt disgrace me. I let people be who they are
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/07/17 01:32 PM

The results of service dog fraud definitely impose hardships and discrimination on those like you who really need that dog! If you haven't yet encountered this issue, you are most fortunate!

One of my favorite charities, Canine Companions for Independence (that's from where my late beloved dog Hysson came--he was a "second career dog" aka reject) is really pushing the issue of service dog fraud here.
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/07/17 08:56 PM

I have PTSD. Im a vet and can have pretty bad panic attacks and what the doctors call psychotic episodes. The happen when I wake in the middle of the night. I have almost torn apart a 400 dollar tent before. I found using a nite ize spotlit so if I wake up and start to freak out I realize where I am. My dog was a pet first then I found out the training is free. It was a bit of a hassle because she is a pitbull and they though pits are to high strung. They normally use labs. She learned faster than any of the other dogs
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Re: Hiking with dogs - 02/07/17 09:51 PM

I'm so glad she works for you! It's amazing what dogs can do!