Hiking With Dogs

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Hiking With Dogs - 04/28/15 12:10 PM

I am HOPING that I'll be able to log a couple hundred miles hiking with my dog. If we win this sponsorship(http://liveyourkurgoadventure.com/project/nh-52-with-a-view/), we'll spend July & August hiking 3-4 days per week.

I have silnylon shelters, so I am wondering if I need something more durable if I am backpacking with dog. Would putting a tyvek ground cloth down inside protect the tent enough? Do you guys carry any sort of dog bed?
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Re: Hiking With Dogs - 04/28/15 02:00 PM

My late dog was crate-trained as a pup and considered my tent "his" crate (definitely not mine!). Of course I didn't leave him alone inside, so he never found out how easy it would be to go through the walls or especially the screen door! I kept his claws trimmed quite short and never had a problem with even an extra-lightweight silnylon floor. I was more concerned about the insulated air pad and expensive down sleeping bag (both of which he considered his rather than mine!) than I was the tent. Fortunately, they all escaped injury. There were a few times, though, when I had to forcibly move the dog off my sleeping bag so I'd have some room!

I carried a CCF pad for the dog to sleep on (Gossamer Gear Nightlite), which provided extra support for my backpack. If below freezing temps were expected, I crammed a Ruffwear jacket into the dog's pack. Some just put a blanket over the dog, but mine would stand up several times during the night, stretch, and then turn around three times before lying down. Any blanket would end up in the corner of the tent. Of course we shared body heat on cold nights; there were a few nights I wished I'd had three dogs instead of just one!

If your dog isn't crate-trained, I'd start that right now--use lots of treats and don't leave him inside too long. Once he's happy in the crate, set up your tent in the back yard (or living room) and try first some short naps and then a few nights in it with him.
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Re: Hiking With Dogs - 04/28/15 02:33 PM

I'd think tyvek would be a good thing to put inside on the floor to protect the tent, but I'd also want something that wasn't slippery for the dog too.

My dogs sleep outside and take their own camping trips when they get a hankering too. When I sleep down in the hollow below our house they sleep outside my tent.
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Re: Hiking With Dogs - 05/01/15 05:49 PM

I take along dog booties for my dog to wear when in the tent. They are good to have along anyway for snowfields/glaciers, shale or in case of a foot injury.
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Re: Hiking With Dogs - 05/05/15 11:45 AM

thanks for the input!