First Aid Kit for a dog

Posted by: wandering_daisy

First Aid Kit for a dog - 07/03/14 03:39 PM

What should I put in a first aid kit for my dog, for a 9-day trip? Does anyone have a list of all their "dog gear"?

Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: First Aid Kit for a dog - 07/07/14 12:42 AM

There are first aid classes for pets!

Your veterinarian can make recommendations.

Actually, most of what's in your human first aid can be used for the dog, with the big exception of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, both of which are poisonous to dogs. Aspirin will work; ask your vet for the dosage. (S)he may prescribe a pain med specifically for dogs.

Self-adhering foam veterinary wrap, sold in farm stores and many pet stores. is useful for keeping bandages on the legs. It can also substitute for elastic bandage for humans, with a few strips of duct tape on the outside for stiffening. You should replace it yearly because the material fuses to itself under heat and pressure.
Posted by: finallyME

Re: First Aid Kit for a dog - 08/22/14 04:59 PM

Yep, what OM said. I have a bottle of dog aspirin. Other than that, I would just bring my own stuff. I always have a roll of the vet wrap. I mostly use it on my kids though.
Posted by: Hillbilly

Re: First Aid Kit for a dog - 11/18/14 11:41 AM

Get some quick clot, it's sold at farm supply stores. If a major cut happens it works great for stopping the bleeding. A tampon and duct tape works in a pinch too. I used to do some loggin', always kept those on hand. Quick clot is supposed to be only for animals, but it's better than having the buzzards plucking your eyes out.
Posted by: mimstrel

Re: First Aid Kit for a dog - 05/10/15 02:08 AM

I just bought a nice human first aid kit that includes the rest of what I want but haven't yet got in my gear (trauma shears! So excited!). I never use a first aid kit as it is sold. There's always stuff that I don't want, and they're always missing something that I do value.

Now that I have a dog (got her a month ago tomorrow!), I basically plan to add some vet wrap (Which is also useful for humans!), styptic powder, and a "FOR HUMAN USE ONLY!" warning label on the ibuprofen (I don't carry acetaminophen; it upsets my stomach) and possibly the aspirin.

The biggest thing is that you have to know how to use whatever you have. I'd rather have more knowledge and less equipment any day...
That goes for a human-only kit, or a human/animal kit.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: First Aid Kit for a dog - 05/10/15 02:17 PM

My vet wrap proved its worth for human first aid last summer when my grandson sprained his ankle. I wrapped his ankle in vet wrap and then overlaid it with duct tape, making sure the duct tape was stuck only to the vet wrap. It worked just fine and he was able to walk out on it (slowly and carefully). When we got home, I was able to remove the duct tape easily simply by cutting the vet wrap. I can only imagine the pain and suffering of removal if I hadn't had the vet wrap under the duct tape! I recommend the vet wrap even if you don't have a dog!

One thing, though--the vet wrap needs replacing every year or two. Under heat and the pressure of a tightly packed first aid kit, the foam will mold together.

And Mimstrel is right--the most important component of a first aid kit, canine or human, is what's between your ears!