Garden 2016

Posted by: PerryMK

Garden 2016 - 05/28/16 07:30 PM

Dug up potatoes today. I planted six potatoes, this is what I retrieved. After pulling the 8 largest for next year's seed I still had 8 pounds.

Posted by: Dryer

Re: Garden 2016 - 05/29/16 08:56 AM

Impressive! Did you see/read "The Martian"? You have some work to do! grin
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Garden 2016 - 06/02/16 11:22 PM

That's awesome Perry!!

I didn't plant anything but a few tomatoes this year, and they're doing pretty good so far. I must have missed harvesting a potato last year though because one sprung up all on it's own this year.

I did get lots of asparagus this year, and I've already got a bunch of black raspberries and the blackberries are looking good, but the choke berry bushes only have a few small clusters on them.

I'll probably plant a fall garden though. My garden did way better in the fall last year. I was getting tomatoes late October and picked the last few watermelons in mid-November
Posted by: DTape

Re: Garden 2016 - 06/05/16 05:08 AM

Very nice! I have a lot in the garden right now, but have only harvested asparagus so far.
Posted by: NapalmMan67

Re: Garden 2016 - 08/21/16 11:55 AM

Never had much luck with taters. Going to try a "no dig" style next season perhaps.

Our Asparagus should be ready to start harvesting next spring, really looking forward to it.

Haven't done much the last couple years with our garden due to lack of time- My wife has been through 3 back surgeries in that time and just got cleared to start looking for work again. Things slowly starting to get back to "normal".
Posted by: DTape

Re: Garden 2016 - 08/22/16 06:26 AM

I plant my potatoes in buckets. I use scrap buckets from kitty litter, drill holes for drainage.
Posted by: PerryMK

Re: Garden 2016 - 10/07/16 06:23 AM

I planted my garlic this past week, 4 different varieties. I planted twice as much as usual so hopefully will have enough to give lots away. After planting I read the instructions and it indicated my area should plant in November. Oh well. Hopefully it grows anyway.

I'm still harvesting hot peppers though they have slowed a bit. I made one bottle of hot sauce last week. I don't know if I'll get enough to make anymore sauce but I should still get an occasional Serrano and maybe Caribbean Habanero to spice up my food.

Once the hurricanes pass and the weather cools a bit, hopefully in a few weeks, I can resume my section hike of the Florida Trail.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Garden 2016 - 10/07/16 10:41 PM

I hope you're not in harm's way down there!
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Garden 2016 - 10/26/16 01:51 PM

I need to plant some now here. I have it ready this year and this will be my first time to plant it.