Winter Garden 2015 - 2016

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Winter Garden 2015 - 2016 - 12/06/15 01:49 PM


I'm always surprised by the resiliency of kale. We just went thru a week of nights in the teens with daytime temps in the 20's. Majority of our kale made it thru. Just picked a garbage bag full for smoothies.

This particular plot of kale is actually the third crop this year in this space. Started out in March with an early crop of broccoli, followed that with a crop of short-season beets, and then in late July planted this winter crop of kale. We've frozen a lot of kale but use mostly in smoothies. (photo 12-6-15)

A lot of our carrots are still in the ground. This past spring I added a lot of sand and worm castings in the carrot bed and it worked well. Large carrots, no worms and very easy to pull out of the ground w/o digging. Oh, and like the kale, the carrots are crisp and sweet. (photo 12-5-15)

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Awesome carrots!
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Those carrots are beautiful!
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Yes, thanks, and we grow organic - use only rock fertilizers, leaves, compost, chicken manure, etc.
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That's just great looking produce and soil you've got there.

Love those carrots!!