pickled peppers anyone?

Posted by: skcreidc

pickled peppers anyone? - 09/13/11 03:11 PM

I have a bumper crop of cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, and piquine chilies this year. I am air drying some, but I am also interested in pickling the jalapeno, habanero, and piquine chilies. Any of you have any good recipes for this?
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 09/13/11 04:52 PM

I've never pickled, but I have made plenty of hot sauce. My general recipe:

Toss fresh peppers in a food processor.
Add some salt.
Add soem white vinegar.
Transfer to bottles.
Wait at least one month,

I've made this the consistency of relish and also made it runny like store bought tobasco, although I never filter out the chunks so mine should be shaken prior to use.

I use whatever peppers are fresh the day I am making it so each batch is a little different. I have found a sauce comprising primarily of cayenne with a few habenero and a few banana peppers makes a good flavor hot pepper sauce.

I have a nice set up with a ring stand, ring and funnel to help fill the bottles.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 09/13/11 06:34 PM

Hmmmmm. PerryMK, you got me thinking. I could experiment with the ratios of all 4 (5 including the few anaheim chilies I have left) and come up with a favorite. I've got lots of fresh herbs to mess with as well. First I will start with a pure batch of each of the four.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 09/16/11 04:19 PM

A hedonistic and gratuitous bump for this topic. sjohnny! where are you! talk to me about peppers. I must say that I am disappointed that none of the Texas boys has chimed in to give me some guidance.

Well, so far edible wise I've taken 2 lbs of jalapenos and broiled them to remove the skins (and seeds). After cooling, I covered them olive oil (with salt and pepper). So now I pop 'em in my mouth or cook with them. Lot more go in my mouth cause nobody around here likes hot food.

The stuff in vinegar needs to sit for a bit.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 10/06/11 10:12 AM

if you can get a hold of the Ball canning book it has a recipe for pickled peppers. My gf has made 10 pints so far this yr.

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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 10/24/11 07:41 AM

Check out Jalapeno Madness . I just picked about a gallon of japs yesterday. I jsut got a dehydrater and we are drying them this time.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 01/26/13 02:23 PM

Breathing life into a (very) dead thread...

I finally settled on a Belizean Style Habanero Sauce for my dried habanero's. Love these things 'cause they have a real fruity flavor (if you can get past the heat). Although the habanero's were dried, they contain a lot of oils and stayed flexible so I have been storing them in the freezer till use. Got the basic recipe from Pepper Joe's Recipes.

-12 habanero peppers
- 2 carrots
- 1 lg. onion
- 6 cloves of garlic
-1/2 tbs. salt
-1/4 tbs. white pepper
- 1 lime
- 8 tbs. white vinegar

Chop up, toss in blender and your done. Stuff stores for at least 6 months.

The carrots really boost the orange color of the (orange) habanero sauce as well as mellow it out a bit. If you throw in a ripe mango, you can cut the heat factor in half. We have also been making our own hummus and this stuff is great mixed in that as well. Definitely taking it with me backpacking. So of all the peppers I've been growing and throwing in the dehydrator, I've been the happiest with the habanero results.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 01/26/13 03:18 PM

Yum, I love habanaros, I was just tilling my garden and planting a few cool weather crops, peas, lettuce, carrots, radishes, beets, broccoli!

In the Owens valley we grow a pepper called chileano. They are so good pickled, a bit hotter than a pepronchini. If you let them get red they turn real hot, maybe close second to a habenaro. Last year I grew peach habenaros ,very good, and prolific producer.
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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 01/26/13 04:01 PM

My Caribbean Habanero plants from this past summer are still producing. We haven't had a hard freeze to kill them off yet. I'm wondering if this means I'll have a head start on the upcoming pepper planting season.

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Re: pickled peppers anyone? - 01/27/13 09:41 AM

Perry, when I left mine in in San Diego, they were a lot less productive the second season. I end up re-seeding and planting every year around March. Got so cold this year my lime tree (bush) got very thrashed.

Peach habaneros? That sounds like a winning variety...they go well with ripe peaches too. I might have to plant a couple varieties of habanero this year.