Backcountry fishing locations in TN ?

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Backcountry fishing locations in TN ? - 02/14/12 01:52 PM

Hello all, new forum member here looking for some fishing/hiking/camping locations in or around the Tennessee area ?
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Re: Backcountry fishing locations in TN ? - 02/14/12 04:38 PM

Hey, Welcome to the forum. The Smokys are great for all three things. Im not too familiar with TN west of the park but if you like to fly-fish and hike/camp in the mountains I would suggest exploring in and around that area. If you have a TN or NC fishing license than your good to go anywhere that allows fishing in the park. Im heading up Hazel Creek in a few weeks to go after some trout and hike a bit. If you make it into NC I can help you more as far as good places to go. Im sure other folks on this site will have MUCH more info specific to TN. These guys are pros.

In general, local, State, and Nat'l Parks and Nat'l Forests are usually good places to camp/hike/fish. So are recreation areas. FYI, make sure your up on the local game laws and what not. What type of adventure are you looking for specifically?
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Re: Backcountry fishing locations in TN ? - 02/15/12 10:16 AM

Thanks for the reply, I spent a lot of weekends last fall at the South Cumberland area near Monteagle, Tn and this year have been to Foster Falls a few times. All these places are great but nowhere to fish. I mainly am interested in weekend trips with one or two overnight stays, looking for a place to fish a few hours in the afternoons after hiking in and setting up camp.
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Re: Backcountry fishing locations in TN ? - 02/15/12 10:42 AM

This oughta help.