Trout net???

Posted by: james__12345

Trout net??? - 08/18/11 10:42 PM

In my experience trout fishing, they are very bad for spitting the hook right as they get to you, or as you try to lift them from the water. Are there any good light weight options for a backpacking net? I'm thinking a coat hanger and some excess noseeum that I have left from my tent might be a good option. I know it wouldn't be the most durable thing out there, but it should be functional and light enough. Anyone ever try anything like that before, or have any better options?
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/19/11 11:31 AM

I have never used a net, but I would think that something much coarser than noseeum netting would go through the water far easier. Something that fine will produce a lot of surface tension. Try pushing a piece of noseeum through a sink full of water and you'll see what I mean.

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Re: Trout net??? - 08/19/11 07:21 PM

Most of my fishing is catch and release, so I don't really worry about them "getting away." But if you want to keep trout, just be more aggressive about pulling them out of the water. If you are going to keep the fish anyway, be direct and as they get close to hand, pull them well up onto the shore.

As for a net...the mesh bags for groceries would also work...but I don't like the idea of a coathanger. Rust, poking holes in pakcs, etc.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/23/11 06:11 PM

I hadn't thought about the resistance. I just thought of the noseeum because it was sitting there beside me when the idea of a net hit me. I also have some old "goody bags" for shell collecting/diving that are much more open. Seems like I remember hearing of onion or potatoe bags being used for stuff (I think it was a pot scrubber, but should work for net material I think.) Does anyone have any better ideas for a handle? I'm not sure how big the water is where we're going hiking, but where I typically trout fish, we wade out a good ways into the water, so beaching them isn't that easy to do.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/24/11 12:02 AM

As a base line, let's start with my $10 wood net from Walmart that weights 4.5 oz. Go take a look at one and see how they are made. For about $4.50 for a bottle of gorilla glue,some thin strips of wood or bamboo, scavenged net, nylon thread, and a minimum number of tools, you could probably make one a little smaller and less handle at about 2.5 - 3.0 oz.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/24/11 11:42 AM

I saw this link on backpackinglight:

2.5 oz smile .... $115 frown

It seems like some sort of butterfly net with the handle cut off would be pretty light and cheap. It might not last very long though.

edit... I wounder how much these nets weigh?
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/24/11 02:58 PM

I would never pay $100 for a 2oz. Savings. That size could be made out of wood at about 4oz. Balsa middle veneers and bamboo outer veneer could easily get it down to that weight. Make an oval tear drop shape, and it would even work better and be able to be a little smaller. Even if you bought all the veneer at an expensive hobby shop and cut it with a box cutter. You probably would not be in $15. One small clamp,box knife, straight edge, drill bit, sewing needle. That is all you need.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/24/11 04:10 PM

FredMT, I agree completely. I read this thread and remembered the thread over at backpackinglight. I got a whole lot of sticker shock when I clicked the link. Plus, I don't think carbon fiber is meant to be loaded like that. If I remember correctly carbon fiber is weakest in shear.

I'm not sure if you can form bamboo rod, but if you can that could make a pretty nice lightweight net.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/27/11 10:12 PM

I have a wooden walmart net that is probably the same one you mentioned. I went and checked it out, and realized its not nearly as heavy as I remembered it being, alot of the weight I was thinking of was from the bolt snap I have on it to attach it to the back of my fishing vest (I wont be taking the vest hiking, I've made a small pouch for that).

Dad has a metal net the same size as the wood one, and it's MUCH lighter than my wooden one. The carbon fiber mentioned reminded me I have some old aluminum arrows in the basement. I had an idea to make a net out of two of them, and part of a third, but the three arrows felt heavier than the net I was comparing to. I think I'll probably just take that net and be done with it. I dont have any scales, but if the wooden one weighs 4.5 I'd say that one isn't much more than 3 judging by feel.
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Re: Trout net??? - 08/28/11 12:22 AM

So you are down to a good weight without having to mess around or pay big bucks. That's what I'm talkin about! Good job. Some times this site makes people try to think too much.